Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds

kennel for caucasian shepherds

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds. The Caucasian shepherd comes from the ancient dogs that lived in the steppes of southern Russia near the Caucasus ridges. The formation of the Caucasian Shepherd is not only the result of natural selection. But also under the influence of the national traditions of the Caucasus peoples. Caucasian shepherds have been used in the past to guard the herds of wolves and bears. For the first time, this is mentioned for the big one’s dogs. King Tigran II’s troops are referred to the first century. BC Dog selection began in the USSR at the end of the 20th century. In the process of selection, the physical force, fearlessness, and confidence were mainly seen. Good eyesight and developed sharp hearing, the presence of thick coat that resists moisture and cold.

What is the standard of the Caucasian shepherd

And also the Caucasian shepherd’s stamina in the harshest climatic conditions in Russia. The standard to which the Caucasian shepherd must meet is. Male Caucasian Shepherds should at a height of 65 cm upwards, and females should be over 62 cm. Male Caucasian Shepherds start with 55 kg. and reach 110 kg. The Female Caucasian shepherds the start to 45 kg. and reach 75 kg. The Caucasian shepherd must have a very large body. Massive bone system and a very strong and durable muscular system. The head should be massive and large with a flat and wide crown and a moderate stop. The coat is thick and with a thick undercoat. The muzzle is slightly tapered, with a scissor bite, with very strong jaws and tight lips. The nose mushroom must be black and large, but in small one’s dogs, it must be dark brown.

What should be the body of the Caucasian shepherd

The ears should be high, hanging and very short at a young age. The eyes should be medium in size with dark color and almond-shaped. The neck should be short and muscular. The chest is wide and deep. Belly and should be retracted, back and be straight, wide and with well-developed muscles. Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds. The croup must be almost horizontal, broad and muscular. Leg limbs should be placed parallel and made with very well developed muscles. The paws should be oval and large with arched and collected fingers. The tail should be high and worn down or wrapped in a circle on the back. The Caucasian shepherd is found in three native varieties – the short-haired, mid-sized and long-haired. The color is varied – brownish, tiger, reddish rusty, greyish, light yellow and spotted.

A complete description of dogs of the Caucasian shepherd breed

The Caucasian shepherd has a very heavy character and a strong muscular system. Which can withstand low temperatures down to minus 30-40 degrees below zero? It is mostly used to guard objects, guard flocks with sheep, it is very aggressive to wolves and bears. If you want to own a true Caucasian shepherds, visit Kennel for Caucasian Shepherd in Sofia. Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds. The breed’s standard is a unique act that regulates work with the breed and its development. This is an officially registered standard that testifies to the breed’s recognition. From all international and national organizations, it ultimately confirms its existence. The standard in itself – the document is not at all unambiguous.

He not only keeps the breed but also influences most directly. No matter how sad it is, sometimes the impact of this may be harmful. Because echo and „modern“ trends and temporary perception are found in the standard. It is known that the excessive specification of the breed standard leads to its degeneration. In fact, if the height is adjusted to tenths of a centimeter, for breeding. Genealogy cannot be allowed to multiply the best dogs. If they are, for example, exceeds the set upper limit. In short, there are several examples. Therefore, the standard requirements are not only to know and understand but not to lose common sense. In addition, the same Caucasian shepherd from the millennium. It exists until the time when the breed standard is developed.

How to improve the standard of Caucasian shepherd

The analysis of the standards of the Caucasian shepherd allows you to make some curious observations. For example, in the part of behavioral symbols, anger and mistrust towards outsiders are increasingly masked. All the time, there are changes to the constitution types. Meanwhile, the preferred Caucasian shepherd is looking for the most. In pursuit of fashion (giganticism), you can now see raw dogs that lose functionality and movement. At the same time, the standard allows dogs with short fur and a strong type of body to be unique. But they are now approaching the German shepherd with its distinctive features. To be fair, we note that the Russian national clubs. Those who do, advise and change the standard of this breed, are working to improve an existing standard.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds – A description of the characteristics of the Caucasian shepherd

In this work are involved leading professionals of the breed and hope that everything will be successful. Let us also point out that the problem of isolating the breed was affected in 2001. Under the working name „North Caucasian Wolf“, which is undoubtedly useful. So, we will soon get a new standard of the Caucasian shepherd breed. Meanwhile, consider the standard described by Mausupress AP in 1954. This standard as well as the comments published in the Caucasian Shepherd Book, issued in Moscow in 1998. The dog has a strong and rough construction, above the average height. Strong, unpretentious, durable, evil and sensitive.

Features in Caucasian shepherd

Type of higher nervous activity: calm, balanced. The height at the withers: the females are at least 63 cm, the males are at least 65 cm. Stretch index: for females – 105-110, for males – 102-108. Movements are fast. Typical speed: heavy but quick start, light, soft trot. Varied color. Fiery, brown, light brown, red, colored in different shades. Stained and spotted in the combination of the same colors. Coat: Coarse, straight, with a well-developed pad of lighter color. The head and the front of the hairs are tight, short. Caucasian shepherds can be Long-haired. With a broad head and long hairs (10-12 cm). Well-developed neck, neck, ears, forming a mane on the limbs. The hairs covering the tail and the body make it fluffy and big. Standard breed of Caucasian shepherd.

What is the difference between male and female Caucasian shepherds

Approved in 1997 by the Presidium of the RAC and the Department of Livestock and Breeding. Оf the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Russia, the RCP Standards Committee. The large body with a rough structure, with a massive skeleton and bulky muscles. The skin is quite elastic and thick. The sexual type is pronounced – the males are more massive, larger and heavier heads with a pronounced mane. The height at the withers for males is at least 68, for females – at least 64 cm. The desired height for females is 66-69 cm, for males – 72-75 cm. Behavioral Characteristics. Balanced behavior, self-confidence, tranquility. For breed uncharacteristic and uncertain behavior with excessive excitability.

How the head of the Caucasian shepherd should look

For the head. Large, massive and wide skull, developed cheekbones that carry large loads. The firm, well executed at the base and under the eyes, the dull snout. Thinning smoothly and evenly in the direction of the nose. The length of the muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull. Front slightly convex, with a spacious, divided longitudinal shallow furrow, with noticeable but not prominent eyebrows and ridges. With a protruding, rather short, rather sharply transition from the forehead to the muzzle. Lips, tight, thick. The nose is large, black, white and brightly colored. For the ears. Hooked on cartilage, heavily planted, small, short. For the eyes. Small, very dark, oval slightly sloping, broad and deeply planted.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds – common positions for Caucasian shepherds

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds. The eyelids are dry, tightly fitting. The hanging eyelids, the highly developed third eyelid, are undesirable. For teeth. A full set (42 teeth) – a big, snowy, well-groomed and close friend of a friend. The foundations of the incisors are located on 1 line. A scissor bite, three years old when wiping the triangles, can have hooks and middle incisors with a straight bite. For neck. The powerful, convex part is much shorter than the length of the head. Set at an angle of 30-40 degrees with respect to the back line. Some braking is allowed. Body. Breasts long, broad, to the elbow or lower, rounded in a section. The ribs are perfectly emphasized, the perfectly formed ribs are well developed. The belly is moderately tight. The front of the breast stands firmly against the shoulder joints.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds

It is wide, muscular, noticeable, well developed, protruding above the line of the back. Back strong, muscular, broad, straight. Muscular, slightly protruding, very short, broad. The croup is moderately long, round, spacious, muscular, slightly horizontal. About the Queue. Highly planted, reaching the joints in a relaxed state. In case of an irritated condition, it is wound on a ring. About the Foot. Large, curved, rough and round. Hind limbs. When viewed from behind – parallel to each other and straight, lateral – somewhat upright in the joints and knees. The thigh and neck are not long, the joints are wide, strong, the corners are quite upright. Stacks perpendicular, massive. The delivery of the hind limbs is not delayed at all. Forelegs. When looking at the front, straight, also broadly parallel.

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The shoulders and the foot form an angle of the shoulder joint about 100 degrees. The front in the section is round, massive, straight, moderately long, muscular. The elbows are sent back strictly. The vertices are roughly vertical, massive, short. The length of the forelimbs to the elbow is somewhat greater. Than or equal to half the height of the dog at the withers. Index high 50 or a little more. For coat. The hair, with a thick undercoat and coarse fur. The hairs on the head, the front of the head is less long and tightly attached. Depending on the wavelength there are two types of waves. Long hairs with elongated coarse fur. Long hair forms a huge mane on the neck of the neck and the limbs. The long bristle that covers the tail makes it fluffy and rusty.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds – For Short-haired Caucasian Shepherds

Relatively short, thick coat. Steps that are not stigmatized, with a length of not less than 4 centimeters in the pelvis area. About color. Diversity: red – from Auburn to pale-pale, including gray – from dark gray, almost black to pale gray, including zenith gray; matches – from dark brown, almost black to pale brown and white. The monophonic colors have a black mask, white stomach marks, paws, chest and tail tip. There are many selected colors of the listed shades, but the continuous color is preferred. In all colors, the continuous dark lines of the eyelids and lips are obligatory. Unwanted features: widespread pragmatism. A roughness of the limbs and muzzle. About movement. Free, simple and fast. Typical gait is the unstable ring gun, as a rule, the acceleration passes into a fairly heavy gallop. When moving, legs should be straight, with some proximity of the forelimbs to the midline.

Disadvantages of Caucasian shepherds

The joints of the hind limbs and forelimbs are freely withdrawing. The soles and the croup of the Trust are at the same level on the top in relatively quiet. Weaknesses. Weakness or freedom of addition, poor quality, stretched or square tendon. The Voice of the Voice. The height at withers for females is below 62 cm, and for males under 65 years. Small, small body disproportionate to the body. A protruding forehead, a sloping teak. Long, pointed, strongly down or upside down, small muzzle, weak lower jaw. The acute transition from forehead to muzzle. Skin folds of the head, raw, wrapped eyelids, protruding. Very convex, round, large, very bright with blue or yellow-green tinge. Small, severely damaged rare teeth.

Undeveloped short, flat, narrow and shallow chest. High-quality stand. Narrow back, hip, long or low back. Narrow, small and abruptly inclined croup. Straight or sharp shoulders, weak sides, short, curved or thin forearms, weak elbows. Highly expressed high fat, excessive or straight angles, weak connections. Straight, loose legs. Narrow limbs. Huge high energy on the move. Connected heavy movements. No balanced movements. Disqualifying defects. All deviations from the standard bite and lack of teeth. Fear, choleric, uncontrollable aggression. Female females. Pure black with a black undercoat, with different shades of color like snow-white with black and brown coffee stains.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds – everything for short-haired Caucasian shepherd

White-black, black and white, liver white, white. Genetically weakened pigmentation. Light red or light brown, combined with brown eyelids, also lips, with a brown nose and bright eyes. Ash in combination with a gray eyelid and small eyes. Contemporary criticism. Overall Impression. Caucasian Shepherd Dog – a dog with a large and above average height. Strong coarse and strong construction, mobile enough, strong, durable and balanced. The dogs of this breed are distinguished by their courageous self-confidence, distrust, and aggression towards strangers. They are willing to make independent decisions. In extreme situations, Caucasian shepherds, as a rule, attack immediately without any preliminary demonstration of aggression. In addition, his well-balanced, serene temper, endurance. Strength formed for centuries under the influence of unfavorable conditions, heavy 24-hour work, scarce food. The imposition of difficult transitions.

Comments on the standard

As for animals that have excessive admixing rigidity. It is unlikely that these dogs will be able to successfully survive predators because. Of the lack of speed and the lack of rapid response. Comments on the standard. The whole animal organism is a complex system where all parts depend on each other. They are interconnected and represent one whole. Therefore, each individual dog should be regarded as part of a whole and a harmonious whole called a living organism. A harmoniously folding dog with its desirable look astonishes its experience, even with a brief overview. There is no doubt about its purpose and possibilities. The Caucasian who has significant flaws in the exterior or exhibits uncharacteristic. Behavior or causes a feeling of disharmony or even regret. Each breed has the characteristics of the exterior, physiology, and behavior, mainly due to heredity.

The appearance of Caucasian shepherds

However, the external environment has a significant impact on the formation of the exterior of a particular dog. The assessment of the exterior is almost always done taking into account the gender, age characteristics of the particular animal. The appearance – the appearance of the animal – is assessed in terms of compliance with the standard of this breed. And it consists of a number of parameters. The breed, the behavior, the characteristics and other characteristics. A serious value when assessing the exterior has the general impression of the expert of the exposed animal. Its subjective opinion, although it is always justified by relatively objective criteria. In determining objects, the dog should be based on the knowledge of the anatomical and physiological basis. As well as on the functional significance of the specific features of his perfect appearance.

Growth and sexual type

Significant signs of the breed are the growth, the color of the coat and the anatomical structure. Growth and sexual type. In the long run and in practice, we should not look at a Caucasian shepherd. With a height of over 80 cm and at the same time a harmonious body and proportions. As a position is increasingly manifested in its external undesirable features. Unnecessarily removed angle, flat ribs, and dry muscles, dry and small elongated head. A height of the withers. Particular attention should be paid to the development of the spine in the assessment of the Caucasian shepherd. To achieve these goals, the concept of a bone index was introduced. The index of the bone mass system is defined as the ratio of the withers circumference to the withers height.

Height of withers of Caucasian shepherds

A height of the withers. The desired index of the normal Caucasian shepherd is ID-22, in males – 20-22. Male Caucasian shepherds must be much larger, more massive, more compact than female. Females, for the most part, are much smaller, lighter and more elegant than males. Sexuality should be unambiguous and easy to identify. And if the female is still allowed to be a little rough. Then the lightness of the dog’s body will be a huge defect bordering on vice. Small, light, malnourished puppies should be discarded and in any case not be allowed to breed. For the head. Massive, heavy, with a wide skull, covered with well-developed muscles proportional to the body. The length of the head should be 39 – 40% of the height of the withers.

The forehead is wide, flat, with a shallow groove divided into two parts. The cheeks are well developed, the eyebrows are not well expressed. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle is well defined and smooth. The length of the muzzle is less than half the length of the head with 3 to 5 centimeters. It should be 36-38% of the total length of the head.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds

The muzzle should be wide at the base, slightly subdued, with thick, but dry and narrowly spaced lips. The cheeks are covered with well developed chewing muscles. The upper jaw, which has a broad base and develops light muscles. Has a lower massive jaw that forms a voluminous, dense, wide wedge, muzzle. The nose should be large and black. Inside view, on the side of the line, the back of the nose should also be parallel to the forehead. The transition from the forehead to the muzzle should not be too sharp, it is the so-called stop. Viewed from above, the head of the. The Caucasian shepherd must look like a very smooth wide wedge or a fifteen-inch monitor. The drawbacks are, insufficiently developed cheekbones a small wide skull and poorly developed jaw muscles of the jaws.

What is the horizontal character ?

Sudden passage from the forehead to the front of the skull elements. When you look at the whole face. The line of the forehead between the ears must not exist in any way. The horizontal nature of this line is determined by the degree of development. Of the perfect muscles located on that spot, as well as by the highly placed ears. The mouth of Caucasian shepherd dogs opens so wide that you can see their last teeth. This is also facilitated by the elasticity of the lips when the dog is open. The jaws should not hang in the corners of the mouth or be damp. The mouth should be extremely narrow, light or raw, inverted. The excessively rough muzzle may show a deviation from the desired type of construction. Head sizes are one of the most important breed characteristics of the breed. However, it should not be forgotten that the head of all dogs. But especially of the Caucasian shepherd is very functional.

What determines the bite of the jaw

This is a very dangerous weapon, which determines the quality of their „professional competence“. According to the law of physics, the length of the hand provides more energy. In this way, these parts provide greater efficiency. Jaw compression is determined by their length as well as the volume and strength of the muscles. In connection with the heterogeneity of dogs of the Caucasian sheepdog breed, there are several variants of the head. The lips are dense, elastic, but free of moisture. When viewed from above, the head has the shape of a broad blunt wedge. The transition from forehead to muzzle is gradually decreasing. The muzzle is short, dull, bulky, the area under the eyes is well-filled. The croup is massive, the cheekbones are well developed, protruding, the forehead flat, the top of the header wide. The transition from forehead to muzzle is gradually decreasing.

What form is the head of the Caucasian shepherd

The lips are thick, elastic and tight. When viewed from above, the head is in the shape of a wide blunt wedge. Although it is more tapered and elongated. The muzzle is broad at the base, but it narrows noticeably towards the nose. For dogs with this type of head, it is characterized by a longer prolonged muzzle. There are many dogs whose head is different from the first two types. These animals have a very large top of the head with well-developed but not healthy prominent cheekbones. The sphere under the eyes is very well filled. The forehead is flat, the transition from forehead to muzzle is smooth and much less pronounced. The muzzle is broad at the base and narrows to the nose too. A lesser extent than in the previous two versions.

Characteristic variations in head shape

When looking from above, the head of the Caucasian shepherd must have the shape of a tortuous wedge. Characteristic variations in head shape. There is another type of head that features a more or less massive skull, but the cheekbones are significantly flattened. The muzzle is not large at the base, the nose is not wide. The infra-bobble sphere is poorly executed, the lips are dense, hanging and folds. When viewed from above, the head has no wedge shape because. The transition to the face of the skull is extremely acute. Unfortunately, dogs that have similar drawbacks in the head structure can often be destroyed. Serious drawbacks include sunken cheekbones, rounded or high brows, sloping necks. The poorly defined transition from forehead to muzzle, excessive eyebrows insufficiently pronounced cheekbones. Underneath lower jaw, gray or brown nose, intense casing. 

For the eyes of Caucasian shepherds

For the eyes. Small, oval cut, deeply planted, inclined, with dry and tense eyelids. The eyes should be dark brown and small. The size and type of the eye are related to the characteristic of the breed. And the anatomical features of the skull structure. To the ears, Small, tall, hanging, cut out recently as a little puppy. Often in dogs with too rough a structure, the ears may be much smaller. As a rule, this character shows a change in the entire structure type. For teeth. The teeth of the Caucasian shepherd must be white, well-developed, large and shiny. Scissor bite. The number of teeth is exactly 42 teeth. The dog teeth, the so-called cutters, are at the base. The excessively narrow lower jaw does not leave enough room for the normal development of the anterior teeth. Insufficient development of the lower jaw may result in a backbite.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds

This indicates that the incisors of the lower jaw do not coincide with the incisors of the upper jaw. The dog’s body somehow compensates for this blade failure. Such undesirable changes in the anatomical structure of the jaw may cause not only a bite but also an incompleteness. With age and tooth erasures, dogs with tight jaws may form a proper bite. In dogs that have a too rough, bulky or inverted muzzle, there is a tendency for a direct bite. It is desirable that the Caucasian shepherd’s teeth are large and have no signs of premature destruction and spoilage. For neck. The Caucasian Shepherd’s door must be powerful, short. At an angle of 30-40 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the body. The neck’s position is closely related to the anatomical structure and development of the front of the body.

Characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd’s Neck

Typically, the neck from the neck to the withers should be equal to the length of the head. The unique features of the neck area. Not just keeping the head in a position. But also making the transition to the body, it must transmit to the dog. A strong push received from the hind limbs. Extremely long, thin or weak spikes can not successfully withstand the enormous stresses arising in the struggle. About the composition. The back of the Caucasian shepherd dog should be wide, straight and muscular. In fact, the back of the anatomical concept consists of 13 thoracic vertebrae. The width of the back is determined by the angle of articulation of the ribs with the spine. And the degree of development of deep and superficial thoracic muscles.

What should be the cape of the Caucasian shepherd

Disadvantages observed in the back structure may be hereditary and may result from misconduct or illness. The horizons are broad, muscular, well protruding above the back, especially in male Caucasian shepherds. The blade of Caucasian shepherd dogs must be wide enough, long, tilted, and muscular. Which greatly improves his ability to squeeze. Raising the blade over the thoracic vertebrae at 1-2 centimeters with well-developed musculature. The shoulder should have the correct anatomical design of that part of the hull. And provide adequate mechanical movement and be softening. The croup must be spacious, muscular, approximately horizontally tuned. This type of dog is associated, above all. With the characteristic of the given breed structure of the hind limbs. With fairly upright joints of the joints and not long legs.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds

The role of the group is determined by the position of the pelvis. And is connected to it by sacral connections of the sacral spine. The muscles of the abdomen, the hindquarters, the lumbar region are attached to the bones of the pelvis. Thus, one of the functions of the pelvis is the transfer of the thrust from the hindquarters. To the body during movement. Like a sloping croup, too much a pelvis roller, and the correctness. The toe is placed almost horizontally and results in loss of motion performance. Because in both cases, in relation to the anatomical structure. The required force for the direction. Of the hindlimb pressure during movement is not provided. The poorly developed pelvic floor muscles show either the insufficient physical development. Of the animal or significant deficiencies in the anatomical structure of the croup.

How much a vertebra consists of the lumbar spine

 Narrow croup is called what does not provide a sufficiently wide area to the hind limbs of Caucasian dogs. Therefore, the proper stability of the whole body of the dog is a serious drawback for the Caucasian shepherd. The lumbar spine consists of 7 lumbar vertebrae. The desired ratio of waist length to chest length is 1: 2. To ensure the best elastic action, the dog’s shoulder should be well muscled and slightly convex. This anatomical design allows Caucasian Shepherd possess solid top line needed to improve the economy. Of the movement to pass the specific loads that occur during an attack or combat. The chest is wide, deep and round. The lower breast is on the same line with the elbows or below. Caucasian shepherds, like all dogs of pre-war origin, have a powerful chest. The structure and development of the breast are important. Because it contains vital organs because the heart is also light. But the shoulder muscles are attached to the outside. 

What should be the Caucasian shepherd’s chest

The chest should be round enough but not overtly shaped in the shape of a barrel. The convex part of the chest element is determined. By the extent to which the front of the sternum extends forward from the shoulder joint. An unwanted symptom is the sinking of the chest. Since in that case, the shoulder and the elbow joint may lose. The strength of the dog necessary for proper movement. The length of the chest depends not only on the length of the chest but also. On the length of the sternum, as well as on the curvature of the last pair of ribs. Because in this case the shoulder and the elbow can lose the connection necessary for proper body movement. The length of the chest depends not only. On the length of the chest but also on the length of the sternum. As well as on the curvature of the last pair of ribs.

Which breed is your personal choice as a guard dog – Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds

The tail is heavily planted, like a crescent moon and rolled up. It is lowered to the joints. The tail position is closely related to the structure of the croup. The shape of the tail is determined by the degree of development of the flexible muscles. Just like the length of the tendons of the caudal spine. The stomach is moderately tight and tight. The degree of the abdominal line depends on the development. Of the corresponding length of the muscular groups of the sternum and the bending ribs. For front limbs. The right lines are also parallel when viewed from the front. The length of the forelimb from the ground to the elbow. Is equal to or much more than half the height of the withers. The angle of the joint of the foot is about 100 °.

It is desirable that the length of the shoulder be equal to the length of the blade or slightly larger. The front legs are straight and slightly round, moderately long and massive. Height at withers. The elbows are pointing backward. The ankles are short, massive, vertical. It is desirable that the bones of the wrist in males. Should not be less than 14 cm in females not less than 13 centimeters.

The length of the bones and the corners of the joints

As well as the development of the muscles of the forelimbs. They must ensure maximum performance of the dog’s movements. Where the shoulder bone is of sufficient length to carry out radical movements. The probable cause, in this case, is that the elbow joint will be below. The chest level and will also lose support in the body. A too sharp angle of the shoulder joint is undesirable. In this case, the shepherd will be low forward. And the movements of the fore and hind limbs will not be balanced. These deficiencies have a negative impact on the quality of the movements. The length and slope of ankles for Caucasian dogs are determined by the massive structure. Also from the characteristics of the structure of the entire moving apparatus.

Characteristics of the Caucasian shepherd

Extremely long angle of inclination of 15 degrees for large and heavy dogs. It is experiencing significantly higher loads than smaller ones. Especially robust are such loads at a rapid pace. These deficiencies have a negative impact on the quality of the movements. The length and slope of the wrists in the caucasian are determined by the massive. Volume and the characteristics of the structure of the motion device. Hind limbs. In the rearview – straight lines are also parallel, off – a few upright in the knee joints. The hips are wide enough with well-developed muscles. The folds are short, the length of the stem is preferably equal to the length of the thigh. Joint joints are strong, broad, somewhat upright. The joints are solid in cross-section and have a rounded shape which is located vertically. The steep line that is taken down from the ridge. Down the hill passes through the center of the joint itself.

Kennel for Caucasian Shepherds – The Caucasian dog is better than safeguards

The back legs of the Caucasian shepherd have a characteristic structure that allows these dogs. Who are in power immediately to develop high speed when working in a career. Long arms and pronounced angles of hind limbs are not typical of Caucasian shepherds. Rather, they are inherent in dogs designed for a long trot. The movement of Caucasian shepherds with such a structure of the limbs is unlikely to be balanced. The long arms of the limbs at an obtuse angle may be the cause of a pronounced high altitude. The paws and fingers of the Caucasian shepherds should not be upright. And nails should not protrude parallel to the ground. The reason for the disadvantages of hind legs may include impotence of the tendon. Inconsistencies in the length of the shoulders in violation of pelvic and croup anatomy, bone curvature due to rickets.

What is the characteristic gait of the Caucasian shepherd

The characteristic gait is a short trot. Waving into the acceleration of the pace of movement in a heavy but stormy gallop. The joints of the limbs are freely relaxed. The most important feature is elasticity, jogging. This character of the movements is inherent to the Caucasian shepherds. Because their adaptability to fast acceleration is prolonged. This is necessary to get the wolf running through the career. In addition, in dogs with this type of center of gravity movement, the hip joint can be placed relatively high. So dogs of another breed are also not suitable for long-term high-speed. Not characteristic of Caucasian shepherds, the gait may appear as a result of the features of the anatomical structure.

What Dogs are Caucasian Shepherds

No matter how they are caused by the strangeness of the nervous system. Or simply caused by the psychological discomfort of the dog.  Now is a time a large number of dogs in which the head and front. The surface of the last layer is long enough and sticks. Which creates major difficulties in the assessment of massive bone structure, head size, and proper lines.  It is important to determine the correct and true massive dog because of the evaluation. Obtained during the exhibition is one of the most important criteria by which the dog has included inbreeding. Length of the Caucasian shepherd – with extended outer cover, the upper layer is 11-12 centimeters and well developed. Short haired Caucasian shepherds have a relatively short hair, 6-7 centimeters. Like dogs, Caucasian shepherds are malicious and superb guards.